Roll On

Roll On - A Tribute to Alabama by

Raised on Radio

Saturday, May 3, 2025 at 7:30PM

“Roll On” is a tribute to country music’s all-time greatest band…ALABAMA! This show is fronted by lead vocalist Tom Uecker (Outside Recess) whose Randy Owens vocal likeness will no doubt leave the Alabama fan in awe! With over 40 number one hits to choose from and backed by phenomenal instrumentation and vocals, you’re guaranteed to sing along and enjoy every moment of this show! RAISED ON RADIO is a central Minnesota based band hitting theaters and festivals all over the Midwest. RAISED ON RADIO rocks any party and gets people dancing!

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Tickets: $35 each Wartmann Artist Series $125 includes one ticket to each of the five concerts. Purchase online HERE please register if you are purchasing tickets for the first time or by phone at (608)561-6093.

If purchasing the Series please select "Packages" upper left in the ticketing portal. You will have two choices the "2024-25 Wartmann Artist Series" which includes one ticket of each of the five concerts: Sons of Serendip, Cherish the Ladies Christmas, Take3, How Sweet It Is!, Roll On. Or select "Series+Foreign Nights" and receive all five + Foreign Nights for $150.

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